One poem in Ian's book Generator is written in HTML. It's called "For Clemence Data". Here's what it looks like on the Internet. 


"For Clemence Data"

Classification: Classified.

Status: Out of Circulation.

Note: Poem written while rejuvenating at BOOK. Was etched onto lens of a fluorescent lamp with stainless-steel guitar pick (sharpened).

Rhyme Scheme:

Comments: Poem contaminated with consciousness-colouring virus. Sources say plan was to place each word of poem separately on billboards around planet. Media, tracking the work, would have unwittingly assembled hors d’oeuvre and disseminated it. Citizens of world would have irrevocably stopped living in 2.5 dimensions. Thanks to Fermilab’s particle collider—Tevatron—protons of said poem have been smashed, its gravitons sent to another dimension.

(Rhyme-scheme code programmed by Dr. Julien Nembrini. With each reload of the Web page, it always changes.)

(Illustration by Tyler Rauman.)