Ian shot and edited this video for Kyng Rose (fka Lucas Charlie Rose). Kyng is an exhilarating hip hop artist/activist in Montreal with so much energy, genuineness and positivity. He's also the founder of Trans Trenderz, a record label supporting and promoting trans musicians.

Ian offers big thanks to Aishah Seivwright for being such a mesmerizing dancer, to Corey Gulkin for her grounded diligence while weaving starlight into Aishah's glasses, and to the staff at CUTV: they are the literal embodiment of glowing heart emojis. Having CUTV as an incredible resource, and the generous work hours of everyone involved, Ian only spent 10 bucks making this (finger lights from Dollarama), keeping consumerism to a minimum. It was made in such a positive collaborative space, where everyone involved contributed in wonderfully creative ways. Shot in December, 2017.